What If You Believed In Yourself?

All around you exists evidence of your skill with empathy. I first discovered this when I began to write my first fiction novel.

In my novel I based the lead character on myself. I learned so much about myself through this process.

If you’ve ever tried to draw a person, whether it’s someone you know or a stranger, you’ll realize that you become intimately acquainted with them during this process in ways you wouldn’t expect. The same goes for writing about someone, or even editing a digital image of them. Something happens in the lines where you begin to unravel your beliefs about them and you gain perspective.

So, when I wrote about my fictional doppelgänger in my novel, I realized that I actually had a lot of the attributes which I described so majestically as hers. In the novel I made these characteristics into magical properties. I gave “Lucy” the ability to read minds, influence moods, and even manipulate the elements of nature at will.

When I sat and really thought about these abilities and the practical usage of them, I began to see that the biggest difference between my fictional character and who I really was was simply mindset, and allowing myself to believe something to be true for myself.

Belief, AKA faith, is where the scintillating experience of life as an empath begins to emerge. Until you have faith, (believing in the unseen,) you have to rely on what you know and see, right? Sometimes even taking baby steps to acknowledge every little tangible thing, or obvious evidence can build us up and help us to step into a place of limitless expansion - and that’s where we become powerful.

I’m not talking about pretending. I’m talking about acknowledging; getting to that point where you say, “yes, I change the world by being who I am.” It doesn’t have to be intentional world changing. It doesn’t even have to be honorable. But seeing that every action you take, and every belief that you hold, and every emotion that you gain intelligence from holds within it a consequence, - as ripples in the ocean become epic rolling waves on the shore.

It’s effortless. It is your essence, and it shows up in everything you do.

ACTION STEP: Answer the following questions.

1.) What’s the most magical thing that you could believe for yourself but you don’t? Think of attributes that you honored in superheroes as a young child.

2.) What if you actually did believe it? Think about what you would be capable of and how that is congruent with who you already are!

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You are capable of amazing things! xoxo

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