The Power of Journey

There seems to be a lot of hype around “story” lately. There’s a really good reason for it though.

Our story of “this happened to me, and now I’m like this….” is powerful. But, do you know what’s even more powerful? The journey between “this happened” and “now.”

The big thing that happened doesn’t miraculously change everything about who we are.

Actually, nothing changes about who we are. We are the same person we ever were, and the big thing nurtures different sides of us to surface.

This bubbling up of what seems like a new personality is really just all of our dormant programming coming to life. Throughout our lives we’re taught how to be, and it’s all we know.

So, what if we don’t like our programming? What if we don’t like this “becoming” of who we are? For example, what if a tragedy sends us into a tailspin of overeating?

It’s simple. When we don’t like our autopilot, we have to program a new one. The tricky part is identifying that we don’t like our autopilot. So often we get caught up in our habits, or we just feel like we’re stuck with what we’ve got. But, we’re not!

We’re NOT stuck with the same old route we’ve always taken. We can study a new map. We can hire a new pilot. We can learn a new skill or fine tune an old one. People who elevate their lives experience the miracle of the road rising up to meet them. That is where the power lies within the journey.

Those who choose the road they’ve always traveled will see the same scenery time and time again. Their journey grows stagnant and predictable. Any power their journey had is dulled by the repetitive thud of time. The engine thrums on and stops getting noticed altogether.

There are lots of ways to keep our journey fresh and full of life! We can do something we’ve never done. We can use our senses to experience the world differently. We can read books that expand our thinking. We can sit in mindful thought for three minutes a day.

We have to keep doing it though. A step is just one step, but ten thousands steps is a journey toward mastery! And mastery is soooo powerful.

If you want a powerful journey here are three easy steps to manifesting your own:

  1. Honor your experiences, and how you react(ed) to them.

  2. Be mindful of your baseline of living. Do you like it?

  3. Reprogram and repeat who you want to become (make it who you ARE).

You can also supercharge your journey by working with me or by subscribing to my ShinyAF Book Club & Loot Crate! Oxo!

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