Most Vision Boards are Bullsh*t

Before I launch into a diatribe about the evils of vision boards, I need you to know where I’m coming from.

As much as I sometimes wish I was a single lady boss babe entrepreneur, I’m really quite thrilled that I have four kids and rock the momtrepreneur life. My husband is also an entrepreneur, and we have lots of hobbies that we don’t do, but wish we did.

My point: I’m really not that into updating a vision board every three months, because, frankly - I have much better things to do.

When I made my vision board about four years ago I decided to put the REALLY big dreams on it. This wasn’t a small time board. It was my “5 year plan” vision board.

There are five main goals on that board. Two of them are manifested, two of them are actively being worked toward, and one of them feels like it’s mine, but I just haven’t arrived at it yet.

So, why would I say that vision boards are BS? Because, I would say, most of them are. Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time Lacy made a vision board.

I was hurrying and I just wanted to get the damned board done. So, I cut out any pictures and phrases from magazines that made me feel slightly excited and I scotch taped them on a corkboard, which I had not-so-lovingly covered with white 8.5” by 11” paper.

I finished the board and I showed my husband with a smirking face emoji-type expression. Ta-da! 😏

I propped my vision board up on the floor in my bedroom - it’s rightful place. Over my dead body was I hanging that thing up on the wall.

Two days later, I was already so fed up with looking at my absurd vision board. It didn’t spark joy, or make me desire to leap into any action, other than wanting to use it as tinder for the fire pit.

So, I set to work. I tore it apart with childlike glee.

With a fresh canvas and new mindset I made it my sole purpose to create the best vision board possible.

I covered my new board in luxurious paper that was “so me.” If I had to look at it every day, I was going to love it. I found meaningful photos of my actual desires and I carefully framed them with various colors of high-quality cardstock. I curated phrases that truly lit me up and inspired me. I only chose the ones that were special enough that I’ve loved them my entire adult life, and would continue to do so. I thought deeply, and felt the emotion behind everything that I carefully placed on my new board.

When I was done, I didn’t show anybody, but I hammered a nail in the wall right by my bedside, and hung my new masterpiece up. For the past four years it has been the first thing I see in the morning, and it’s the last thing I see before I close my eyes.

Every once in a while, I’ll asses and evaluate my progress as I lay in bed, enjoying the sunshine and sipping a morning brew. Occasionally this vision board has inspired me, and yes, spurred me into action. But, mostly, it kept me focused and motivated, even when things were difficult.

For example, one of the things on my board is a photo of my husband and I, arms around each other, after we had danced the night away. This photo symbolizes some of the most joyful experiences of my life. I love to dance, and I love my husband. I LOVE to dance with my husband.

When I would be in an argument with him, and we were on the outs, I would almost always retreat to my favorite safe place, which was my side of the bed. I would sit, facing my vision board - not on purpose! But, as the Universe would have it, this choice was divine intervention. I would look up, see the photo of us, and remember just how much I love him.

Now, not all vision boards are so effective… and I still say that most of them are BS. I would say that most of them are half-assed, fairly lame attempts at hope. Most of them are more like (maybe not quite as horrible) as my first vision board.

And that’s SOMETHING! That crappy vision board was a necessary stepping stone toward a bigger and better future, and because of that I’m thankful for it.

If you take one thing away from this article, please take this: Just because you do something once and it’s so bad you want to burn it, doesn’t mean that you can’t start over and create something beautiful and effective.

The problem is, so many of us never even make the vision board, or we make the crappy version, then wonder why it isn’t working.

So, below I’m going to share with you 5 ways to improve your vision board effectiveness and one huge way to NEVER MAKE A VISION BOARD.

  1. Make sure you love it so much that it makes you smile. If you’re looking at your board and thinking “meh” then you’ve either put the wrong things on there, or you haven’t given your visions the respect and honor they deserve. When you decide to create your vision board, make sure you set aside plenty of time to think deeply and to find the resources you need to make it truly special.

  2. Put your vision board in a location where you’ll look at it. Notice I said “look at” rather than “see?” You don’t just want to see it every day, you want to really look at it. Hanging it somewhere just because it fits is a bad idea. You have to be so intentional about where you put it. Hiding it away (under the bed, behind a bookshelf, etc…) is a terrible idea. Is that where your visions belong? I don’t care if you have to relocate the Mona Lisa - get that vision board in an honored place where it’s in your focus at least once a day. If you have family who might see it - it is even more important to place it prominently. This is how they know you’re serious, and also how they are reminded to support you.

  3. Invite your emotions to the Vision Board Party. Emotions are the fuel in manifesting, so if you want to manifest your vision board you’ve got to allow yourself to feel the instinctual longing for each desire on your vision board. When we let our emotions flow, they do the hard work of convincing our bodies that what we dream of is possible. Once our bodies are on board, it becomes subconscious programming that we are capable of the amazing things we put on our boards. We just need to let our minds go along for the ride, and the opportunities will unfold before us.

  4. Use it as a tool, and not just as pretty artwork. When you’re feeling like your goals and visions might be impossible look at your board and remember that you wouldn’t have been given these desires if they weren’t possible for you. If you can dream it, you can do it. If someone else has done it, well so can you! To most effectively utilize your vision board in this fashion, I recommend preparing yourself. Do this by sitting with each item you’ve put on the board and notice all the little doubts that pop into your mind. List them off on a journaling page. Also write down anything you view as an obstacle to achieving these desires. Obstacles can be your own feelings, responsibilities, people, or situations that would prevent you from a smooth path. Re-read your list and remember to come back to your board whenever any of these things gets you down. The board is your manifesto for this life, and you need to believe that each desire you’ve placed on it is your birthright. To take this a step further, rip that list out of your journal and go burn it! I realize I sound like a pyromaniac in this article, but fire is powerful. Turn your doubts and obstacles into ashes. Don’t just think about doing it, go do it! You get more of what you focus on, so you need to release that shit, and begin new programming.

  5. Be in it for the long haul. Great things, like the ideas on your vision board, don’t happen by blinking. You have to make thoughtful plans, and take aligned action. You have to have patience and fortitude. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Awesome things aren’t easy. Tenacity pays off. Stick with it, because if you don’t, you won’t get it, and if you don’t care - then it shouldn’t be on your vision board anyway. Use the next days, weeks, and months to lay down the blueprint for your desires and begin. Fuck fear, and have courage to take action.

Okay, now for the rock-bottom NEVER EVER DO THIS for your vision board, because I know; I’ve tried. The temptation was too great, because the resources were so accessible, and I thought, of course it will work…

**Using Pinterest to create your vision board is a tremendously ineffective way to treat your dreams.**

If you do this, you’re missing out on the important tangible side of creating your vision board. Have you ever noticed that when you write something slowly with pen and paper, that it somehow sinks in better than when you type it on a computer? Even reading physical books can be so much more enriching than reading books on devices.

That’s because computers and devices are literally created to mimic our brains. The conscious thoughts are the open windows and the subconscious are all the files and folders closed, hidden away, some of them locked, and most of them forgotten. When we write something on a computer, or on a note on our phone, then we close it - it’s like filing it away, and who knows if we’ll ever need to call on it again or even remember to. It’s no longer in our field of consciousness. Don’t do that to your dreams.

I've also tried to make my computer desktop a quasi-vision board (another bad idea). The reason this didn't work was because it wasn't a sacred space. It's too cluttered, but even if it's clean and organized, it's also where you AirDrop memes, and save screenshots. It's where you keep your tax documents while you work on them and save links to pre-k registration forms. All these distractions certainly dull the experience and make the passion fizzle. It's hard to get it on when you're thinking about taxes.

When you create a tangible vision board, you welcome your desires to be top of mind, and often. A vision board is a soul contract between you and the Universe, and important documents always get printed out and signed with ink pens. Sacred.

You can use Pinterest to find inspiration for your vision board, or use it to find photos and imagery that really speak to your desires. You can create a Pinterest board for each desire you have and fill it with content that light you up and keep you motivated, but don’t do what I did, and think that creating a “Vision Board” Pin Board for your dreams is going to cut it as a powerful manifesting tool.

When I made this error in judgement I was excited about my visions for approximately ten minutes. Then I closed my browser and did some laundry, and I haven’t opened Pinterest again since. Don’t be like Lacy.

So, you might be wondering why I just wrote a whole article about how to create a vision board, when it’s titled “Most Vision Boards are Bullshit.”

Well, they are - and I’m speaking from years of experience and saturation in the world where vision boards are common place and over-hyped. I’ve been the baby spiritual boss babe who thought the vision board would be the key to my success. I’ve been the busy mom who thought “If I could just have clearer vision,” then thought a Pinterest vision board would be a quick and easy solution.

I’ve seen countless women desperate for progress, look to vision boards for the answer - only to be uninspired and let down. I’ve seen so many women who thought they had to aspire to creating a vision board, like they weren’t worthy of their dreams. I’ve seen women who never even began because they didn’t know what the fuck they were doing, so they didn’t do anything.

Courses about vision boards are aplenty. If you have the dough, maybe try one, but just like anything - maybe they’ll resonate and maybe not. If you’re like me, you don’t want to waste hours of your life watching someone else do what you want to do when it consists mainly of third grade arts and crafts.

You just want the basics and you want to get on with it. You want it to be successful, but you know that learning by doing, and taking action IS key to success. So, jump back up to my vision board effectiveness pointers if you didn’t read them, and get started. Maybe you’ll fail, but fail fast, and learn from your mistakes. Make that crappy vision board like a boss!

A vision board is not a magical portal toward your desires - but that would be a cool way of looking at it, I suppose. Actually, I really like that. So, yeah - what if it IS a magical portal to your desires? What then?

What I’m trying to say is that if you want it to be effective, you have to see it for what it is: a powerful tool in your tool belt. If you create it with scraps, you’re going to get scraps. If you’re too vague, you’re going to get vague results. If you only kinda like it, you’re only kinda going to get your desires.

Most people are vague about their desires because they have never spent time figuring them out. Some are confused about their lives because they’ve repressed all the memories of what they are really good at - because of fear, shame and doubt.

If you’re looking for a way for your future to be different, connect with me at What I do with women is also a soul contract to helping you live your very best life, even better than you’ve ever imagined to be true for yourself.

You ARE capable of amazing thing, and life is too short to waste another minute feeling sad, tired or ugly.

The vision board is only the beginning, and I’m all about the long game.

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