Manifesting Through Your Body

There are a few ways we can look at manifesting, but most explanations leave us feeling frustrated and confused.

"Wait, I can create anything I want in my life just by thinking about it?"

"Why don't I have millions of dollars? I thought about that once..."

"Is there a specific way I have to think about it?"

"Why isn't this working?"

"I keep trying to be positive, but I'm not seeing any results."

I've got you.

I'm here to dispel the head-scratching perplexities of the woo-ish word "manifesting."

Manifesting is often mistaken for thought. Fortunately it's much deeper than thought. You can think about anything, and even have thoughts that you wish you didn't have. If all of our thoughts came true, we'd be in big-time trouble. But, how does it get any deeper than thought?

Way down we go, into the realities that most of us are too blind to see... We aren't blind because we're oblivious, or stupid. We're not even blind because we haven't learned it yet. We don't need to learn it. We already know how to see it, but we UN-learn it as we get older because we don't WANT to see it.

If I haven't lost you yet, let me explain: Our bodies know what we need - it's written into our DNA. Our hearts beat, our lungs pull for breath, and our gut tells us when we're hungry. We naturally select mates that are pleasing to us. Our bodies literally know how to get us what we need to survive based on what we eat and how much physical activity we expend. Who's to say that there aren't unseen systems that our bodies use to bring into our lives the desires of our hearts?

Furthermore, our DNA is suggested by scientists to be 75% "junk." Hmmm... This is a passing down of junk DNA so that mutations that occur don't have as deep of an impact on civilization. Since there is so much unused DNA, the mutations have a higher chance of getting lost in translation.

Our DNA can also change.

Children often seem to have an ability to see and feel things that most adults block off sensitivity too. Our bodies learn to emulate the bodies around us (adults). Imagine if we lived in a world where living your best life was the norm and not the anomaly? This is where I start talking about world-changers, and being one...

Manifesting is also often confused with synchronistic events. Rather, the manifestation-work has occurred far before any event that meets our perception. Have you ever experienced something and thought about how bizarre it was that it happened JUST then and JUST in that way, because you were JUST thinking about that exact thing? What we call a coincidence was actually manifested in your body even before it was a thought, and then an action, and then perceived by us.

How can I know this to be true? Because the more I lean into it, the more it happens. EVIDENCE. The key - or trick, if you will - is that you actually have to have faith that the thing will be. If you think to yourself "I want to have a million dollars," but there's still a part of you that is thinking "hell, naw - that's not my life," or "I could never have that," or "what would I do with all that money anyway?" then you're not going to have a million dollars.

What is something that you believe to be true for yourself? You will see it in this lifetime, if you truly believe it. Your body already knows how to make it happen. This is why it's so important to Em-BODY your future. Not faking it, but feeling it in your body with deep emotion. You have to BELIEVE it in your body.

You can do this through self-awareness, reading books that inspire you, meditation, exposing yourself to different cultures, allowing yourself to change and live in the way that you envision for yourself. Prime yourself for the life you want.

This is why we change what we wear, because when we look in the mirror and see someone, we convince ourselves that we are that person. We do the same thing with our hair, our bodies, our makeup. We become and we embody. Changing how we look and behave are the fastest ways to manifest the future we desire. The dominos fall and our thoughts adjust to our embodied reality.

So, what's stopping you from embodying the person that you aim to be? Whoever you want to be, what does she look like, how does she move? How does she speak, and what's her favorite thing to do on a Saturday night? The minute you decide that you can be her, you become her, and you embody her.

The things that I manifest DAILY only happen when I'm in full embodiment of my highest self. The moment I decide that my body vibrates on the same level as the universal consciousness of all things, is when I begin to perceive the evidence of it. I don't just see "signs," I literally bring things to fruition.

We can't push or demand from God-power. We have to accept that we are tiny-buddhas who are equal creators to all others and that our dreams are just as potent as the dreams of - say Elon Musk.

Once we get in alignment, the paradigm shifts to allow all the things. I know this is not an easy concept to grasp, but I've seen it time and time again where women suddenly get it. I went through the phases myself. When I finally stepped into a place of understanding, it wasn't because I finally logiced it out. It was because I practiced, practiced, practiced.

Quiet the doubter, the hater, the little afraid girl. Meditate. Relax. Show immense amounts of gratitude. Be humble. Accept. Change your physical state, and how you adorn her. Become and embody.

Get EMOTIONAL about it. Feel the pain of what you don't want, and feel it to your core, and start to step in to what you DO want for your life. Your body is capable of amazing things.

To schedule me to speak on "Em-BODYing Your Future" at your next event, send an email to I love to spread the message of the power of our bodies, and motivate the next generation of world-changers!


From my (vegan) kitchen to yours:

RECIPE FOR: Manifesting Through Your Body

PREP TIME: It only takes a moment.

COOK TIME: Keep reading, meditating, and praying


  • Willingness to change

  • Bravery

  • Courage

  • Deep Redirection

  • Emotional Intelligence


  1. If you don't like something in your life, stop doing the things that you've been doing that are getting the results that you've been getting.

  2. Begin to make small (or big) changes toward embodying the person you envision yourself to be, even if you have to put yourself in a state of discomfort.

  3. As you become more comfortable with your new self, take note of the impact you're having. Have gratitude for each and every manifestation of your new reality.

  4. Use awareness and intelligence to comprehend and redirect where things aren't working. It's ok! You're not going to get it all right on the first try. Learn and improve, and you'll become a manifesting queen.

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