Fear of Public Exercise

“They’re all looking at me.”

“I wish I was as fit as that person.”

“Don’t make eye contact.”

“They must think I’m stupid.”

“Just 45 minutes and I can go.”

“I hope I’m doing this right.”

“Do I look ok?”


All thoughts of ANYONE who has stepped foot in a public gym. Even the already fit people think all of these thoughts sometimes. True story.

Working out publicly is not for the faint of heart. Kudos to everyone who has the courage to step through those doors!


Unfortunately, not everyone has that courage. In 2008, When I was 70 pounds overweight, I all but refused to go to a gym, even though I loved the feeling of working out. I didn’t want anybody to see me “like that.”


I struggled. I sat in my cubicle at work, tucked into a computer screen. I felt the fat on my fingers. I felt it on my face. I felt defeated, really, and I tried to fix it myself because I didn’t want anybody to see. 70 pounds can come off in 8 months, or even less, but for me it took 3 years - because I chose to do it myself. Even after that I struggled to keep it off because I wasn’t following a program for lifelong results. I moved from one quick fix I found on the internet to the next. I had no idea what I was doing.


Today I want to let you know that you don’t have to feel stuck between improving your life and being defeated by insecurity. I’m going to share with you your three main options, and their pros and cons as I see it. If you have others, please add them in comments! :)


School of Google. You literally can find everything you need online. Nutrition? - someone will tell you what to do. Fitness? - those YouTube guys have got it on lock. This is going to take time for you to sift through all the opinions - and you may try a hundred things before you find what works for you. If you’re not in a hurry, or you kind of already know what you want, this might work for you! Although, it could be tricky when it comes to accountability.


Overcome. Suck it up. Your fear, shame, and doubt need to take a back burner so you can finally get fit and use your body to convince yourself that you’re confident, beautiful and sexy. Go to the gym. Hire a trainer. Subscribe to a healthy meal delivery service. This works! It’s expensive, and it’s going to take courage - but it works.


Find a middle ground. Online training! I feel like this is a hot ticket to success that so many people overlook in their search for how to begin to transform their lives. Back in 2008 it wasn’t so much of a thing, but now…! There are so many perks, it’s hard to know where to start. Convenience, accountability at your fingertips, affordability, customized programs for the equipment you do have (or no equipment at all!), you don’t have to plan childcare - and you never have to go through those insecure thoughts at the beginning of this post!


I’m not trying to sell anything here. I’m genuinely trying to help. So many people on this journey have an all or nothing mentality, when really life happens somewhere in the middle. The key is finding what works for you. 💚

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