Do What Matters

I want you to know that there is so much more available to you than the mundane, the musts and the shoulds, the maybes.

But you can’t get to the “more” of life unless you have the tools to access it. This goes for anything you’re trying to achieve.

Perhaps you desire a lucrative business that you love to wake up to every single day. Or maybe it’s a phenomenal relationship that lights you up in places you didn’t know you could be lit up! Or it could be that you just want to live with vitality and overflowing fulfillment…

Regardless of how extra you want to get, you can’t get ANY extra until you cover the basics. Sounds boring I know.

I’m going to be honest, it is basic and boring. It can be tedious, time consuming, frustrating and downright soul-crushing. But, the only reason (are you listening) it gets that way is because you’ve lost sight of your dream.

If you keep your eye on the deepest desires - the dream - you do the groundwork with joy.

Here’s what matters before you attempt to go the exceptional and genius stages of what you want to do:

  1. The Mindset

  2. The Skills

  3. The Support

Let’s break each one down so we understand a little better.

The Mindset

Similar to muscles of the body, you have to train your brain to operate under extreme circumstances in order to perform amazing feats. And, that doesn’t happen overnight. You can’t get a ripped body after one workout, nor can you adapt an entire system for life in a day. You have to constantly teach yourself how to think. This means, hanging out with people who inspire you, reading books that challenge your thinking, and (quite literally) taking time to think. Many people just exist on autopilot, but that’s not going to work for exceptional living.

The Skills

Knowing what to do is great, but here we’re talking about knowing HOW to do it. Having the skills necessary to accomplish your goals isn’t always easy. No matter what the goal is, it’s so important to do your research, and know exactly what you need to be successful. A simple method to begin with is to find someone else who has done it and get good enough to do what they do. Just keep going until you get it. Keep learning. Keep practicing. The one who is truly a head above the rest isn’t the one who does it perfectly the first time (those people don’t even exist), but the one who practices 10X more than everyone else.

The Support

This can look like a lot of different things. It can be consistent prayer and faith in the unseen. It can be a team of employees. Maybe it’s friends and family or an expansive social media network. Maybe it’s inner fortitude and courage that you’ve built up for years. Maybe it’s a group of professional consultants, or just one! Doesn’t matter! Find what you need. Get it, treat it good, and hold onto it for all you’ve got.

The Fun

I know this wasn’t on the original list, but for me at least, fun is super important. One of my top priorities in life is to enjoy the time I’m given to the fullest, and that means I’m reveling in moments, indulging in experiences, and laughing as much as possible. Whatever it is, I say, enjoy it. Life is waaaaay too short to be sad, tired and ugly. ;)

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