Are You Supporting Yourself?

We’ve all heard the story of burnout, which usually happens again and again.

How do we stop cycling through this?

How do we stop having crappy days?

I’m going to be real with you - the bad days will always show up.

It’s how we deal with what happens to us. Mmmm… sorry sister, that’s actually fake news.

It’s actually not how you react or deal or cope.

The real game changer is in how you PREPARE and how you DON’T react.

In my last podcast I talk about how stuff happens FOR you - not TO you. Same vein. Listen here.

Successful bad days are ones that you can make suck less, right?

The thing is, we don’t just magically turn our days around with positive thinking. It might help a little bit, but in order to become a pro at life-ing we need to do a little work in advance.

Think of something that supports you - your bra for example.

Your bra (if you wear one) is a preplanned mechanism to hold up our beauties throughout every moment of our public presence (and not a minute longer). Without the extensive forethought of researching our size, shape, budget, and availability - we would wake up with no discomfort devices and our nips out for the world to see. POINT: We don’t go around cupping ourselves all day because we forgot to plan for our boob support, so why - dammit WHY - do we do this with our LIVES?

We need to have a life-bra that we’ve researched, planned, and purchased - IN ADVANCE - to help us get through our days.

Here are the basics:

  1. Know your triggers. When do you lose it? What’s happening? What time of the month is it? Who’s around? What season is it? What TV shows are you watching? How does your job affect your mood? Do your kids drive you nuts when they touch you all the time?

  2. Identify your happy place. Who always makes you smile? What hobby makes you feel relaxed? Do you feel most at peace when you’re organized / in nature / with your kids? What are your favorite things to do, have, see?

  3. Have a strategy. You know those escape plans they tell families to have with a rendezvous point and code words? Have an escape plan for your bad day. Stash a bag of macadamia nuts for emergency comfort food. Tell yourself NOW that you know you feel better when you exercise, or write in your journal, and that is exactly what you’re going to do when you feel crappy because it WILL make you feel better.

  4. Find accountability. Tell your BFF, your SO, your mom, or your pet rock that you sometimes have bad days and this is what will help you: _______insert words that communicate what will help you_________. This takes courage to admit, but just do the thing so that you can stop wallowing and live this precious life you’ve been given feeling alive and full of joy.

  5. Tell yourself nice things. Even if you don’t believe it, saying words to yourself like “I am capable of amazing things,” is hella reassuring. Because you are. Tell yourself that you love you. SRSLY - look in the mirror - look into your eyes and say “I love you.” Honor yourself by supporting yourself.

My final thoughts are this: If you don’t take care of yourself, and you don’t have a built in support system, you’re going to fall down and it’s going to hurt. Maybe you’ll still fall with a support system, but just maybe it won’t hurt as badly. Maybe, you’ll eventually grow strong enough and feel so supported that you stop falling altogether.

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