All The Self Help You’ll Ever Need

Whatever you’re doing right now…

It’s not fucking working.

Keep reading until the end for a new self help recipe to try!

If your relationship with your mother sucks maybe try calling her and being nice to her. **note to self**

If you don’t feel authentic in your skin get out there and start doing shit that makes you feel amazing. Dance, play frisbee, have sex. Guaranteed - your body will respond.

If you feel fatigued and worn out but you’re not sleeping, drinking too much and working too many hours… well - do the opposite.

If you keep getting frantic because you’re self-medicating with caffeine and sugar, then grab some herbal tea and put down the pastry.

If you feel ugly when you look in the mirror - wash your face and put some fucking makeup on.

If you hate the way you’ve been treating your kids - stop yelling at them and give them a hug.

If your marriage is on the rocks, find something to be thankful about and give your spouse a lover’s kiss.

If you’re worried all the time - do a guided meditation and get some counseling.

If things aren’t happening in your business - stop sitting on the couch hoping and do some different shit. Hire somebody to coach you, help you or boss you around.

Are you catching on?

Whatever you don’t like - stop doing.

Try something different.

If it works, do more of it.

If it doesn’t work, try something else.

The main point is, it has to be DIFFERENT. The cure for depression isn’t watching Girl, Interrupted. Get what I’m saying?

When I was 16 I ran away from home. I was a girl interrupted. I ran away for so many reasons but the main thing I knew was that the way I was living wasn’t working and nobody else was going to take me by the hand and help me figure it out.

So, I grabbed Ace’s hand and my 6 string guitar and I left. It was a sunny, fresh day, and I didn’t really have a plan when I left my house.

I didn’t have a cell phone. I lived in the country. I had zero fucking clue how to survive in the wild. I walked down the street with my guitar on my back and I stopped at the closest house that didn’t look like serial killers might live there. I asked to use the phone and they brought it out to me with sidelong glances.

I called my boyfriend hoping the people who lived at the house wouldn’t listen as the 16 year old girl on their porch made her getaway plans.

It was a success. I kept walking. He picked me up in his mom’s Subaru and we were off.

For eight whole months I didn’t have to endure my mom’s mood swings, get up at 5AM to do chores, or do my homeschool work.

Honestly, I don’t remember what I DID do during that time. I don’t even know if it was eight months. All I know is that it was the interruption I needed to discover a small part of myself.

What if I hadn’t made that shift? What laid in my future then? More depression, suicide even?

As an adult I no longer need to run from my problems because I have the resources to address them. I know how to communicate and I can make choices for my life.

If you’re reading this, then you probably do too. What are you running away from, and what are you choosing? If you want something different - CHOOSE something different, and DO something about it.

Reach out and grab my hand and let’s be #ShinyAF together.

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From my (vegan) kitchen to yours:

RECIPE FOR: You Doing Next Level You

PREP TIME: 2 fucking minutes

COOK TIME: Lifetime


  • gratitude

  • tenacity

  • fortitude

  • decision making skills

  • imagination

  • fun


  1. LET GO. Hold a ball in your hand. Now, pretend you don’t want the ball in your hand anymore. What do you do with it? *ding ding* You let it go. That ball is your worry, your old habit, your addiction, your stubbornness… Your hand is your heart and your spirit. Release your hold on the things that no longer serve you.

  2. LAY IT OUT. Walk up to your old ways and sucker punch them. Watch them fall to ground and step over the limp shell of mediocrity. You were destined for more. Get real about what you do - and don’t want.

  3. LOOK UP. Stop being a victim and allow yourself to feel good. The upper limit to happiness is all in your head. Look up at the sky… is there an end in sight?

  4. LIGHTEN UP. Somebody out there is less confident than you, more broke than you, lonelier than you, and sicker than you. Stop looking at what you don’t have and acknowledge the good stuff all around you.

  5. LIVE. Live your life with passion. Stop wasting valuable time and take action. Ask yourself what would make you feel most alive now, next year, ten years from now… make it happen. Take one small step right now. Smile. Hug your kid. Eat a vegetable.

What are you running away from, and what are you choosing?

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