5 Ways You Sabotage Your Health

Stay to the end to read my recipe for Vigorous Health!

1) You’re working too hard on the wrong things.

This is you focusing on all the things you shouldn’t be. This is you trying to force things to happen in your life that aren’t in “flow” or really meant for you at all!

These things usually make you feel fatigued or exhausted. Can you think of anything?

Sometimes these wrong things that we’re working too hard on come in disguise of “good” things… like hustle, or like helping.

We convince ourselves that because we’re doing a good deed, or because we’re making money, we MUST be doing it. Well, not so. These “good” things could be making you sick, exhausted or just flat out depressed.

When you’re working so hard on things that aren’t in your zone of genius, you’re sending out energy resources to things that you’re not jazzed up about. So, what kind of energy will you even bring to that table? Lackluster, blasé…

Tony Robbins says “Where the focus goes, energy flows.” Ask yourself - what do you want to invest your energy in?

If it’s not something that builds you up - it’s depleting you. It’s doing one of the two, and we only have so many days here on this planet. Which will you choose?

2) You’re NOT working hard enough on the RIGHT things.

So you can stop doing the shitty stuff and sit on the couch but then you’re just doing something else shitty that’s not making you feel amazing. So if you stop the shitty stuff - the next step is to START the stuff that makes you feel like a rock star.

Lean into the good stuff just as hard as you lean away from the draining stuff.

What can you lean into harder?

3) You don’t have a plan.

This isn’t about crossing every t and dotting every i. This isn’t even about being all scholarly and responsible. This is about having some zizzle in your zazzle and some pep in your step. This is about having purpose driven action and actually accomplishing something based on that.

I like to use the example of signing up for a gym membership. You go in all excited and you sign the dotted line. You even walk in with determination and confidence maybe - but then you’re like - “oh shit what do I do now?” There’s a room full of equipment and you opt for the treadmill because you don’t know what else to do…

The treadmill will only get you so far. Until you have a plan for the resources at your fingertips, you’re just wasting time.

4) You’re eating your negative energy.

I mean this in a few ways - but the way that I mean it the most is that you are literally consuming food that is making you sick.

The food is making you sick because it is either from a sick source (dead cows?) or because you’re choosing it to nourish your sick spirit (potato chips). Either way it comes from a low vibe energy that doesn’t serve you.

Eating food that doesn’t light you up - doesn’t light you up.

My advice to you is to choose ethical foods. Choose foods that are kissed by the sun. Choose foods that make you feel alive when you eat them. Choose foods that are an experience. Choose foods that are sustainable, and keep our planet green.

Your body will thank you. Your soul will thank you. Your kids will thank you. The planet will thank you.

5) You’re Upper Limiting yourself.

Gay Hendricks talks about the Upper Limit in his book The Big Leap. We think there’s a ceiling to our happiness. We think we’re only allowed to feel *so* good. We convince ourselves that we’re only worthy to experience a certain amount of happiness before something bad happens.

You can’t change this mindset overnight, but you can learn to see the patterns, and begin to change.

Often we will create problems that disturb our mental, spiritual and physical health because of this Upper Limiting. We will suddenly get sick after we get a promotion or a new job. Our relationship is going amazingly and we get in a big squabble. We lose a bunch of weight and we go on a binge eating weekend.

Breaking through these limitations is not even a thing. The limitations never existed except in our minds. So the key is to create a new normal for ourselves - expanding our zone where we’re comfortable more and more and more and more.

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From my (vegan) kitchen to yours:

RECIPE FOR: Vibrant Life

PREP TIME: All the little choices…

COOK TIME: Ongoing


  • detachment

  • awareness

  • reflection

  • goals

  • eating clean

  • limitless beliefs


  1. Open yourself to full and complete understanding of what it is that you’re doing. Feel into the full experience. Is it making you feel fatigued and exhausted? Do you find yourself trying to convince yourself that it’s for the better? Is it REALLY for the better?

  2. Start doing things that feel so authentic you can’t ever imagine life without them. Begin to make purposeful decisions that flow in amazing results.

  3. Come up with a plan, or find someone who can. Stan. Don’t be a spaghetti noodle with no end. You have stuff you want to do in life right? The biggest balm to our need for fulfillment is progress. You can’t make progress (or it will be soooo slow) if you don’t have a solid plan.

  4. You are what you eat. So treat yo’ self right and get some good grub. Honor your body. Feed your mind. Nurture your spirit.

  5. Allow yourself to feel good. The minute you find yourself freaking out about how good you feel, just relax and continue the flow.

Comment below with how this resonates with you! I can’t wait to hear if my pointers help you or if you can relate with something specific that is happening in your life.

Cheers to good health!


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