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Speaking Events:


This is where I step into my own power in a huge way.  A perfect crowd for me is a group of people who identify as spiritual, sensitive and who are seeking to find their own empowerment to manifest great things in their lives!  Speaking engagements can easily be tailored to suit the needs of your audience.  It's important to me to provide amazing value, integrity and RESULTS for you and your audience.  

Topics I love to bring to the table:

  • There is an innate ability in all of us to connect to our intuition and tap into "source" energy.

    Connecting to Source
  • Use what many see as weakness and sensitivity as a SUPERPOWER to create change.

    Stepping Into Power
  • Tarot can be used as a simple tool to call in epic shifts in life, love, happiness and wealth.

    Manifestation Tools
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1-1 Empath Guidance:


If you're an empath, or if you struggle with being sensitive or emotional in daily life, you can set up weekly, monthly or biannual coaching calls with me to change your patterns so you feel more EMPOWERED by your gift, rather than minimized, defeated, and underestimated.  I truly believe that our ability to use our emotions is a superpower that can be harnessed to create magnificent outcomes in life, love, happiness, and wealth!  


When you book ahead with me, I make you my priority.  You get my full attention, my genuine love, and a kick in the ass if you need it!  I won't let you sit on a call with me to complain and whine about your plight.  We're going to MAKE CHANGES and cause a shift that lasts.  

I will give you tools to use, guidance, and even free access to my courses if we discover they are a perfect fit for your individual needs.  Beyond our scheduled calls, you'll have access to a secret Facebook group (see below) where you can ask questions for quick answers, make friends of likeminded souls, and get great tips daily - all in one place.   


Group Guidance & Mentorship:


Looking for a safe space to get advice and guidance on all things from an empowered empath perspective?  In my secret, subscription based Facebook group, you get access to: 


• Weekly Power Hour - where we meet and discuss the topic of the week

• Monthly Themed Education - where we take four weeks each month to thoroughly discuss topics on life, love, business, and so much more!!!

• Daily Affirmations - specifically tailored for empath and HSP's

• Tarot Tips - if you are interested in tarot, you can use this group to grow your own skills as an intuitive empath & tarot reader

• Helpful Articles and Content - this group is your go-to for encouragement and understanding

• Member-Only Discounts on Courses, Tarot Readings, & Other Pentacle of Love & Light Offerings - exclusive savings just for members

• Insight and Education on Other Modalities

This group has the potential to change your life!  And, if you're not getting what you need or expected there, you can cancel your subscription at any time.    


Tarot Healing:


Using tarot to heal might seem like a relatively odd modality, but it works. I love to heal the deep seated emotional wounds of empathic people, which is essentially the force that brings about physical healing in our bodies!  It’s a beautiful transformation, having been a very “wounded” empath myself, I can relate deeply with those I help through tarot and releasing that energy - stepping into our power as beings of boundless energy and potential.​   


I do not guarantee physical healing with any of my work, and if physical healing is what you're after, I'm obligated to advise you that your issues should be tended to by a medical doctor first and foremost.  Please see my Privacy Policy, Ethics, and Terms page. 


What I do guarantee is that I'll extend my energy to you in a way that may cause your life to improve and your emotional blockages to heal, creating space for physical manifestation of health.  I am living proof that it works.  When I picked up my first tarot deck, I connected with it in such a deep intuitive way, I knew that I could use this as an outlet to create change in mighty ways. ​

I'm very passionate about this aspect of what I offer, and I feel it's one of the most meaningful things I do.  We can set up weekly, monthly or biannual sessions to have custom tarot readings done, and start setting the intention for mind, body and soul well-being today! 

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  • If you're tired of feeling like you've put off your dreams for everyone else - let's change your story!  

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    Just $40 per month for TONS of value and content.

  • The intention I put into my readings allows me to extend my field of energy to manifest healing in all areas of life.

    Open yourself to healing love.





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