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How Life As An Intuitive Empath Chose Her

Lacy Christ an intuitive empath with a deep love to help sensitive people live wildly successful lives. Passionate about revealing the power behind what many view as weakness, she sets our special empath abilities to purpose in life, love and business!

She's also a witch.  In her words, "being a witch begins with a mindset, and acknowledgment that there is an inner wildness, a creator within us - that IS us - that has a fantastic ability to connect with the earth to manifest boundlessly. We don’t need to read tarot, own a black cat or even share our path with anyone to validate it."

She loves using tarot cards to unleash her creative warrior.  When she isn't drinking tea and reading tarot, you can find her investing time with her beloved clients, her brood of four beautiful kids, or deepening her skills and mindset with meditation or a new self-development book.

More importantly, Lacy wants to connect with you.  What has brought you here?  Tell her about you... don't hesitate to send an email to connect today.  The form below will send a message directly to Lacy. 


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