5D LI▽ING is more than learning about the dimension of light,
it's living vibrantly within it, with your entire mind, body and soul.  
The 5D COACHING program with Lacy is an immersive 6 month experience meant to quickly and sustainably facilitate your ascension into a way of life that enlivens every cell and awakens the limitless possibilities that have always lived within you.
We begin with your 3D world.
Bring things into alignment for the next level of living:
Begin to truly prioritize your bodily wellness.  This includes movement, hydration, sleep optimization, and skin care.  You will also work with Lacy to create aligned nutrition guidelines to live your life by and become intuitive with food and supplementation.  Learn to heal your childhood/parent wounds.  Stress management becomes less about managing obstacles, and more about enjoying the journey.  These weeks are focused on your use of strategies which contribute to vibrant wellness and longevity. 
► RITU△LS ◀︎
During RITU△L weeks, you will come into a refreshed place with your morning routines, discussing mental input and output, follow through, time management, organization, and replacement or abstinence of damaging substances.  You will ruthlessly shed what doesn't provide you with joyful, luminous living,.  Lacy will introduce new, or fine tune existing - methods for you to use to encourage more space in your life for flow.
► L△NGU△GE ◀︎
Your language is far more powerful than just words.  The language you use creates your reality.  Time spent immersed in these transformative weeks is about understanding your learning style, reframing your self talk, and abandoning your limiting phrases for the highest good.  You will work with Lacy to create a vision for your life that is authentic, and supported by your beliefs.  Your language of living will become aligned with your purpose, and you will begin to see beauty unfold as your dreams manifest.
A deep dive of the 4D is the gateway to the 5D.
This is where you attune your energetic body to be a vibrational match for higher ascension:
What ancient civilizations, and many religions have known for thousands of years, is that you are more than what you experience with your classical senses.  You are the embodiment of S⏀URCE.  In the space of these weeks, you allow yourself to sink into the delicious depths of energetic sensation beyond the 3D.  You begin to prepare yourself for even more aligned human living, and increased awareness of the 5D. 
You release the need for perfection and allow yourself to be present.  As long as you experience growth, you are doing it right - you are doing it perfectly, because every experience is F⏀R you.  During these  weeks, you become intentional about the transcendent practices which open you up to higher levels of consciousness.  You elevate your sense of purpose of being and spiritual development in the world.  Lacy guides you to explore powerful forms of meditation and experiences from the fountain of the unified field. 
There is a shift in the way your brain operates as you begin to trust the knowledge of your entire being.  Your spirit is awake and you are learning to let the still voice of intuition guide you, even when your brain doesn't make sense of it.  Your body is enjoying life more vigorously now.  Your soul is singing from the purposeful alignment you have orchestrated for your human experience.  This is a beautiful time where you learn to saturate yourself in the luxury of every nuance of what it means to be you; understanding fully that Y⏀U are not a singularity, but an essential, divine component to all that is. 
Endless expansion into the 5D becomes a state you rest in. 
You have shattered old comfort zones, and stepped into a new paradigm of enlightened living:
You have participated in radical shifts, but now it is time to walk yourself through fundamental reorganizational experiences and develop a sense of sacredness to your being.  You immerse yourself in a new truth; moving through to inherent authenticity which is uniquely compelling and authoritative.  Your energetic BEingness transcends time and space.  You wholeheartedly acknowledge the heartbeat of all consciousness and own full responsibility for your own energetic output.
What you are "knowing" now is completely ineffable.  It changes the way you show up in the world and how you speak.  You have a positive mood.  You will arrive at this moment, where you understand by not understanding -with your entire self - which is everything.  You will realize that you've been in the 5D all along, and the 5D has been thriving around you - you just couldn't see it with 3D vision.  These weeks are about learning to be ok with your new awareness, and learning how to speak and lead others to transition with love and open-heartedness.
A beautiful, rewarding, final few weeks unfold as Lacy helps you unlock and effortlessly discover your unique psychic abilities.  You tour through consciousness experiences such as astral travel, alien contact and speaking with your guides / spirits / angels and gods.  Lacy guides you as you carve out your great work on the landscape of the horizon.  Your final week is begun and ended with celebration, anticipation, and perfect equanimity for what is.
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